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The Curious Muse

Taleen is a powerful Metaphysical Healer,

Teacher of Divine Embodiment and Spiritual Mastery, a Creatrix of Sacred Transformational Experiences and devotee to spreading the light of Christ Consciousness in the world.


Through her own self-healing journey, Taleen came to the realization that her natural talents and understanding of energetic alchemy, as well as her passion for helping others, was not a coincidence, rather an imprinted key and "date with destiny”.


She embraced the spiritual teachings of many mentors over the years and soon began mastering many forms of ancient healing arts, developing the nickname as the curious muse  as she continuously inspired her Teachers into deeper levels of integrity and mastery.

It was during this expansive time in her life that Taleen was guided by the Divine Mother to share the gift of her voice with the world, that would “open up the Portals of Grace within the Hearts of all”. Meeting her Life's path with deep sense of devotion, reverence and purpose, she is known for inspiring unity and anchoring the Loving presence of God in everything she does, everywhere she goes, with everyone she meets.

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Your Journey Home

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TALEEN KAY - Holistic Healing & Wellness

We believe in a holistic approach to healing,

Finding the root of the cause,

Acknowledging it with loving awareness,

Moving it through your body, mind and heart,

Re-connecting you with your soul ​& authentic self,

​Igniting your pure spark to dance with the wildfire within!

Everyone deserves the best quality of life.

Sometimes, life causes us to fall off our destined path; traumas and daily stresses get in the way and we tend to feel a little lost.

By providing opportunities to heal from within,

Through various different forms of therapy,

We encourage our clients to live in alignment and balance in every way!

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Make sure to check out the detailed descriptions of our 

to help guide you in the right direction!

TALEEN KAY - Tuning Forks Reiki Energy Healing
TALEEN KAY - Sound Bath Gong Immersion Reiki
TALEEN KAY - Sound Bath Gong Immersion Reiki Retreats (2)
TALEEN KAY - Sound Bath Gong Immersion Reiki Retreats (3)
TALEEN KAY - Sound Bath Gong Immersion Reiki Retreats (4)
TALEEN KAY - Sound Bath Gong Immersion Reiki Retreats


Yoga at Home
TALEEN KAY - Spiritual Healing Review (1)

Sylva B.

I booked a gong immersion with Taleen in the privacy of my own home. The session was amazing and I felt relaxed afterwards. Taleen has such a positive energy and is such a pleasure to be around. It's evident that she loves the healing work and is passionate about helping others. It comes out in her attention to detail and focus on your needs in the present moment. Thank you so much, I definitely recommend her services.

TALEEN KAY - Spiritual Healing Review (2)

Silva N.

Spiritual surgery is the best way I can describe Taleen's modality. Simply, WOW! Her offerings empower and strengthen the mind, body and spirit to naturally heal on all levels. Taleen's holistic practices work energetically on the body to promote relaxation and deep healing. She has the ability to invite you into a safe and sacred space for healing and nurturing, not to mention her Gong, tuning forks and Reiki are out of this world. She is a beautiful, kind and deeply caring woman, consider yourself lucky to be in her presence.

TALEEN KAY - Spiritual Healing Review (3)

Dr. Inga S.

The moment I saw this healer virtually I knew there is something very special about her, and meeting her in person confirmed that hunch ten fold! I will trust my family and friends and professional team in her healing hands and heart for lifetimes! She facilitated a Sound and Reiki Healing event for our group practice, and it was such a powerful and peaceful space to be in. Taleen creates a welcoming and serene experience, she is a gift to this world, her angelic spirit is unquestionable, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

TALEEN KAY - Spiritual Healing Review (4)

Edward P.

Being a healer is as much about who you are as it is about what tools and techniques you use.

With that said, Taleen's dedication and energy is what makes her uniquely qualified for such delicate work. Grounding, relaxing, peaceful, restoring, rejuvenating and energizing all at the same time. She is a  very intuitive, gifted and compassionate healer, without even explaining anything she already knows where you need healing the most. Highly recommend!


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