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TALEEN KAY Holistic Healing & Wellness - Divine Spiritual Healer Sedona Christ Consciousness

Taleen's Story

TALEEN KAY Holistic Healing & Wellness - Divine Spiritual Healer Sedona

From high-end Event Designer & Planner to Holistic Healing & Wellness Practitioner, Public Speaker, Author and Mentor.

Through her own self-healing journey, Taleen came to the realization that her natural talents for helping others was not just a skill that was cultivated over time, but an imprinted key and "date with destiny", meeting her Life's path with a sense of renewed purpose.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Business in Event Management, she made the choice to leave the Event Planning Industry after 12+ years, with the intention of pursuing a more fulfilling path dedicated to being of service to those who feel called to exploring a deeper connection with their spiritual side.


A devoted student for life, natural leader and healer, she has been able to easily absorb the ancient wisdom taught to her by her own mentors, ready to share and teach others how to first and foremost connect with God & their highest selves, to truly begin living a fulfilling life of happiness, joy and abundance.

From the teachings of Ancient Mystery Schools and Philosophy, to the embodiment of Christ Consciousness, she has also devoted her time to learning from a long list of mentors and coaches in Usui Reiki, Gong Mastery and Vibrational Healing of Sound, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Numerology & Tarot, Human Design and Gene Keys, Heart Healing, Gateway Healing, Feminine Embodiment, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Counseling and a whole lot more!


"I think to myself all the time, if only I learned these things when I was younger, how different would my life be?! After years of suppressing trauma, I can finally breathe and be my true authentic self. And now that I know, if I can help one person find themselves again, to not feel alone in this world and heal from their own past so they can show up as their best selves today, leading a life of creation, then I can truly die a happy soul."

Her promise to her clients is to continue to live a self-full life, pouring into herself, continuously learning and evolving, so she can share her wisdom to help guide others with ease.​ To continue a path of alignment, aspiring to inspire and helping others elevate in all aspects of their lives.

She is currently on her path to becoming a Doctor of Metaphysical Healing and Spiritual Midwifery, with a passion and mission to integrate all the teachings of holistic healing with the sacred ceremonies of the divine, paving the new way for holistic health of future generations.

TALEEN KAY Holistic Healing & Wellness - Divine Spiritual Healer Sedona Christ Consciousness (2)
TALEEN KAY Holistic Healing & Wellness | MERKABA Healing

MERKABA means...

“Light Spirit Body” in Ancient Egyptian tradition.

The symbol itself is a combination of 3D tetrahedrons pointing in opposite directions, combining opposing energies into perfect balance and harmony.

It is considered sacred geometry that represents the holy trinity, the union of divine masculine and divine feminine energy, as well as the energetic field of higher consciousness and protection.

Pure alignment and balance.

Our intention is to bring healing to the masses, for those who seek to eliminate stress and trauma that has manifested in the

body + mind + soul.

Planting seeds that allow the nurturing of your energy through sound and vibration, intuitive massage, energy healing, mentorship and guidance, releasing all blockages and aligning you with your true, authentic self and life’s purpose!

TALEEN KAY Holistic Healing & Wellness - Zen Stack Peace
TALEEN KAY Holistic Healing & Wellness - Hieroglyphics Priestess
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